Milwaukee Hong Kong Squash Open 2023

The Semi-finals and Finals of the "Hong Kong Squash Open 2023" will be staged this weekend at the Cultural Plaza, Xiqu Centre of the West Kowloon Cultural District. Outside the court, the Squash Association of Hong Kong, China has organized a 2-day Squash Exhibition and Carnival for the public and designated groups to enjoy a weekend dedicated to squash at the Atrium of Xiqu Centre. 


City Security Company Ltd is the security contractor for the event, responsible for security screening and crowd control to ensure the smooth running of the event.


The 2023 Chinese Tennis Association (CTA) Tour

The 2023 Chinese Tennis Association (CTA) Tour, the first national tournament under the direct leadership of the Tennis Administration Center of the State General Administration of Sport and the China Tennis Association, will be held in Hong Kong for eight consecutive days from 19 to 26 November 2023 at the Victoria Park Tennis Courts, with more than 150 top tennis players from all over the country gathered in Hong Kong to start a series of exciting battles. City Security Company Ltd is the security contractor for the event, responsible for security screening and crowd control to ensure the smooth running of the event.



YATA Shopping Days Event 2023

Commencing on the 15th of November 2023, YATA Shopping Days will be running continuously for seven days. City Security Company Limited has been appointed as the designated Security Services provider to provide comprehensive security services to ensure the smooth operation and successful completion of the event.



Partner Employer Award 2023

The objective of the "Partner Employer Award" is to recognize the positive contribution of enterprises in helping the disabled, retrained, rehabilitated, ethnic minorities and retirees to find employment and fulfill their social responsibility.

City Services Group has made its best efforts in this regard by actively recruiting relevant persons to join our team, and thus we have been awarded the "Partner Employer Award" under the Scheme. We will continue to support the program and keep improving our quality of services.


The Hong Kong Property Services Alliance Outstanding Services Award 2023

The Hong Kong Property Services Alliance celebrated the 74th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the First Outstanding Services Election 2023 Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 17 October at Tsim Sha Tsui Town Hall, encouraging all practitioners to give full play to their strengths, maintain professional and high-quality services for the industry, and spread positive energy.


City Services Group also received the Outstanding Security Guard Award and the Organizational Participation Trophy, in order to continue to uphold the original intention of the service and to unite the strength of the industry to move forward.



Provision of Security Services for MUJI

MUJI is a famous brand from Japan, known for its simple, practical and rustic design and high quality products. City Security Company Ltd (CSL) is honored to provide security services for 6 of the branches in Hong Kong, and our whole team is committed to providing the best security experience for the stores.


New Territories South Best Security Personnel Awards 2022-2023

New Territories South Best Security Personnel Awards result has been announced. Over 400 security personnel who came from commercial, industrial or residential security sector were being selected by the panel committee and received the award. This year, we have eight security guards with good performance who have won relevant awards.


City Services Group (CSG) is committed to providing high level of services and strengthening security training standards at all times. The awards and recognition we received are a testament to our hard work. CSG will continue to deliver quality security services in the future.


Provision of Security Services for Matsukiyo (MongKok branch)

Popular Japanese cosmetic store "Matsukiyo”opened the seventh branch in at Grand Plaza of MongKok and grand open in September 28th with a store area of over 5,000 square feet. City Security Company Limited (CSL) is proud to provide security services for "Matsukiyo”and will continue to provide the best security and professional guarding services for the store.


Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards 2022-2023

The “Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards Presentation Ceremony 2022-2023" organized by Hong Kong Police Force Regional Crime Kowloon East at Police Sports & Recreation Club. City Security Company Ltd and City Professional Management Ltd achieved excellent results for several awards. They are selected from around 5000 high-standard securities, it shows their well-trained performance under security regulations and the achievement of eliminating criminal cases in the properties.


Certificate of “Happiness-at-work 2023”

The "Happy Workplace" promotion program aims to fulfill ESG and enhance corporate image, and is committed to developing corporate care, intelligence, resilience and motivation to create a pleasant working environment for employees.

City Services Group Limited (CSG) has incorporated the concept of the program into its management practices to enhance the sense of belonging and morale of its staff, and has been awarded the "Happy Workplace 2023" certification for the first time.