New Territories South Best Security Personnel Awards 2022-2023

New Territories South Best Security Personnel Awards result has been announced. Over 400 security personnel who came from commercial, industrial or residential security sector were being selected by the panel committee and received the award. This year, we have eight security guards with good performance who have won relevant awards.


City Services Group (CSG) is committed to providing high level of services and strengthening security training standards at all times. The awards and recognition we received are a testament to our hard work. CSG will continue to deliver quality security services in the future.


Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards 2022-2023

The "Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards Presentation Ceremony 2022-2023" organized by Hong Kong Police Force Regional Crime Kowloon East at Police Sports & Recreation Club. City Security Company Ltd and City Professional Management Ltd achieved excellent results for several awards. They are selected from around 5000 high-standard securities, it shows their well-trained performance under security regulations and the achievement of eliminating criminal cases in the properties.


The Spastics Association of Hong Kong (SAHK)

The Spastics Association of Hong Kong (SAHK) has been continuously striving to develop and innovate, providing comprehensive rehabilitation services and supported employment arrangements for individuals with different ages and categories of disabilities.


Recognizing this, City Services Group sincerely intends to employ the recommended employees from SAHK to join our team. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to present a certificate of commendation as an encouragement, hoping for more opportunities for collaboration with SAHK in the future.


Friend of Age Friendly Housing Estates

The "Jockey Club Age Friendly Housing Estates Project" adopts a "Housing Estate Oriented" model to support the property management and security industry to become an important carer group in the community, and to promote the community's concern for the needs of caring for the elderly, and to build an elderly and carer friendly community.

City Professional Management Ltd. was awarded the "Friend of Age Friendly Housing Estates" certificate, which is a recognition of our services to the elderly community.



SE Supporter Certificate

City Professional Management Limited (“City”) was awarded the certificate of SE Supporter by the Fullness Social Enterprises Society. “City” always encourage the collaborations between social enterprises and corporations/organizations in achieving Corporate Social Responsibilities and Creating Shared Value.


Intellectual Property Manager Scheme

City Services Group(“CSG”) is aware that intellectual property (IP) protection is a huge factor in a company's success and value. Therefore, CSG enrolled in the Intellectual Property Manager Scheme which is organized by the Intellectual Property Department in order to enhance the company's boost IP manpower capacity to grasp the opportunities brought by IP trading.

The scheme encourages enterprises to appoint a staff member at the managerial level as their in-house IP manager, who will be responsible for overseeing the compliance, management, exploitation, and commercialization of IP assets. 


Upon completion of the training course, we were thrilled to receive a commendation certificate from Intellectual Property Department, CSG will spare no effort in collaborating with other stakeholders to take forward other recommendations on supporting measures on Intellectual Property Affairs.


Safety Culture Award 2023

City Professional Management Ltd. with The Icon, a serviced apartment building in Kwun Tong, won the “Safety Culture Award” Certificate of appreciation that adopt safety culture approach with integration of some key elements of “Vision Zero” to enhance the safety management.